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院长——Zhang Jiren
CTO of TE-PEMIC, President of Guangdong Research Institute of Target Tumor Intervention and Prevention, Vice Director of Health Industry Management and Research Center, Tsinghua University
Professor Zhang Jiren, professor of Southern Medical University, Chief physician, doctoral supervisor. He is mainly engaged in the research of tumor, chronic disease and health enhancement technology system. He has been learning as a visit professor in University of Hong Kong and Austria Vienna for 2 years. He has published 268 papers and served as main editor for 9 medical books. He is also the editorial board member of national science and technology award, national natural fund and some other magazines. He has cultivated around 100 graduate students and doctoral graduates. He has organized 7 international academic conferences and presided over conferences, invited more than 20 foreign professors to China for academic exchanges and cooperation. He has also been invited by academic institutions abroad for academic visit and exchanges in many countries. 5 awards have been obtained: National Science and technology progress award, provincial science and technology progress award and PLA’s technological progress. He enjoys the special subsidy of the Chinese government and was awarded the honorary title of the first 100 “Medical Science and Technology Star”, General Logistics Department of the PLA “Science and Technology Star”, Guangdong biotech leader, and “Good Doctor of Yangcheng” and so on. He has been elected and appointed a number of academic posts: Vice Chairman of the International Biotherapy Institute Vice President of the International Target Therapy Society Scientific Consultant of the International Cancer Marker Society Director of International Cryosurgery Chairman of the Sixth China Liberation Army Oncology Society Vice Chairman of the first, second China Anti-Cancer Association for Minimally Invasive Treatment The Sixth Standing Committee of China Cancer Society Chief Member of Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering Cancer Targeted Therapy Branch Executive Director of the Ninth Chinese Society of Cell Biology Director and Honorary Director of Guangdong Society for Cell Biology Member of the Fifth Guangdong People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and so on At present, he is the Director Member of Molecular Healthcare Branch of China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical and Healthcare. Director of Tumor Targeted Treatment Branch of Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, and the Director of China Society of Cryotherapy. Deputy Director and Secretary General of Preventive Medicine Branch of National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management Deputy Director of Chronic Disease Prevention and Control of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association Chairman of Guangdong Research Institute of Target Tumor Intervention and Prevention Committee member of the State Data Center Association for Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases Chairman of China Association of Research & Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine, other Academic Posts of Cancer Targeted Prevention and Control Branch In recent years, Professor Zhang has actively promoted and participated in the Sino-US medical charity assistance programs. Promoting the development of cryotherapy in China, he is known as the “father of argon helium knife” and in cooperation with German INUS to promote the intervention technology of chronic disease in China, becoming the academic pioneer of chronic disease prevention. 72 original invention patents were declared, proposing environmental toxins damage, such as the prevention of heavy metal pollution damage, and TE-PEMIC anti-aging innovative technology. He was selected as the cover figure on the journal Scientific and Technological Achievements Research and Management sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2017. He was also named as the cover figure and the leading Chinese preventive medical officer by Chinese Health Nutrition Magazine sponsored by the National Health Planning Commission. Special report was published on China Science Digest NPC and CPPCC 2016. In 2018, “Establishing Health Enhancement System and Supporting Healthy China” was published on NPC and CPPCC had special report.
伦理委员会——主任委员 傅世林
产品研发中心——主任 李许锋
分子检验中心——主任 张园园
腾湃医学检验实验室 技术总监
傅世林 腾湃狮子湖国际医学中心院长